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    Electric Fun

    So maybe colors are your thing

    Big bold beautiful vibrant primary colors and the most popular bike models.  This is the year you could be rolling though the beautiful autumn foliage with some pretty spectacular color of your own.  

    All bikes are in limited supple so don't wait too long the one you want may belong to another. 

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    HELMETS! We've got helmets and so much more.

    HELMETS!  We've got helmets and so much more.

    In these crazy times, it seems like bikes, bike parts and accessories are hard to come by.  At Pedego Blue Ridge, we're doing whatever we can to keep our shelves stocked with all the things you need to enjoy your bike.   From electric bikes to conventional bikes we sell parts for all of them and offer a Full Service repair shop.  

    Recently, we received a shipment of helmets, brake pads, wheels and tires with more items expected any day. Stop by and take a look. We're open Tuesday through Sunday for your shopping convenience. 

    My new favorite way to get around

    My new favorite way to get around

    I am truly amazed at how well my Boomerang Plus rides, handles, brakes and, of course, accelerates...a true revolution in cycling taken to a new level of enjoyment!