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    Pedego Owners Group

    Owning a Pedego bicycle isn’t just a matter of buying a bike. It’s a lifestyle choice. That’s why Pedego hosts an official group for those who have made the commitment to own America’s best electric bicycle: the Pedego Owners Group (POG).

    When you buy a Pedego bike, or if you’ve purchased one in the past, you’re eligible for a free lifetime membership to the POG, which grants you access to free gifts, newsletters, special events, and group rides.

    To sign up, simply register your Pedego bicycle and you’ll be automatically enrolled. Or if you’d like to learn more, visit the Pedego POG page.

    Pedego Mile Markers Pins

    Pedego has heard back from thousands of customers whose lives have been transformed thanks to the thousands of miles—and smiles!—they’ve put in on their Pedego bicycles. To celebrate their customers’ accomplishments, Pedego has started the free Mile Markers program, to help Pedego owners answer the question “How far will you go?”

    When you have ridden more than 100, 1,000, 2,500, or 5,000 miles on your Pedego bicycle, simply click on the “Request Pin” button on Pedego’s Pedego Owners Group page and fill out the form to request your free pin. Every time you reach a new milestone, you’re eligible for another pin. These high quality pins commemorate your accomplishment, and can be attached to shirts, Pedego bags, or just about anything else.

    So take the Pedego Mile Markers challenge, and find out how far you’ll go!